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comm 102 - Jamie Mortakis 001 Interpersonal Communication...

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Jamie Mortakis - 001 Interpersonal Communication Dyadic Interviews and Applications of Concepts Spring 2010 / February 11, 2010
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communication. I have taken many communication classes at WVU and this is one of the ones I am having the most trouble comprehending. Interpersonal Communication is made up of many different concepts. The concepts are not the troubling thing about the subject; the troubling thing is how many are involved in the one word interpersonal. First impressions are very important to me; you will always remember the first time you meet someone. I try to present myself the way I want people to think of me. Every environment though I present myself differently. At work, I try to have a clean uniform and make sure I look professional. In class, I dress casual but sophisticated to appear more intelligent. When going out with friends or for fun, I dress fun, and make sure I feel good in my outfit. I feel my strength is trust, but also my big weakness. I trust people too much and too often. I depend on people often, it is nice to have people you trust around. As much as I trust people, if you take advantage of me or do something to hurt me you will lose my trust and more than likely never get it back. The first time I met Frank was in a pizza place in Wheeling, he was in my sister’s class and is younger then me. I asked him for a quarter he said no, and I thought he was mean. I’m pretty sure I told my sister I hated him. My roommate’s younger brother is best friends with Frank so now we have hung out and I know Frank is not really mean. My first impression of Chris happened when we lived on the first floor of Summit Hall, we had a floor meeting the first night and he asked what the best bars were to go to. I knew Chris was ready to have fun, we got along very well and have been friends ever
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comm 102 - Jamie Mortakis 001 Interpersonal Communication...

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