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"Paying a large tip to secure a better table in a restaurant is the same as offering a bribe in business to secure a contract." The above statement, in my opinion, is the truth. Whether you are using large tips or offering bribes to get what you want, a bribe in my opinion is still a bribe and is wrong. Granted, not all bribes are the same. Bribing a business to do something for you is much different than, let’s say, a female in a relationship bribing her partner to get her something. For example, with bribing a business, the certain contract could jeopardize the business and with a couples’ bribery, one partner could be bribing the other with candy, etc, if they would get them something or do something they wanted them to. All in all though, a bribe is still a bribe. The utility principle was the ethical idea that I chose in Unit 1. In my opinion, I believe that this philosophy still applies for this statement. The utility principle, I believe, still applies
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Unformatted text preview: here because it is defined as benefiting everyone. In this instance, large tips for better tables, offering bribes, and even bribing your partner for something, it is benefiting everyone. Each person gets either what they want, or, what they need in this situation. Although I still agree with the utility principle, I think that the egoism principle also applies here. The reason I chose egoism is because egoism is based on one person benefiting from the situation. For example, the people giving a bigger tip for a better table as well as the person presenting the bribe for the contract are only thinking about themselves and how they would better from the condition. References 1. Goree, K. (2006). Ethics in the Workplace (2 nd Ed.). Thomson-Southwestern. Chapters 2 2. Bribery . (2009). In Encyclopedia Britannica . Retrieved December 04, 2009, from Encyclopedia Britannica Online: http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/79186/bribery...
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