Carlos Estevez

Carlos Estevez - Margaret Rah 34135084 Carlos Estevez...

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Unformatted text preview: Margaret Rah 34135084 Carlos Estevez creates art pieces in order to help us understand the many unanswered questions of the world. Through his pieces he tries to give us a different perspective, and in some cases many perspectives, of certain ideas and questions. He uses many different materials incorporated into his pieces that make him unique to other artists. He has said that; “every object has a story”, which means that every object in his pieces were used purposely and has a meaning. His outlook on these questions is not only inspiring but also refreshing. His pieces are formed from his imagination and inspiration from human life and the world around. The pieces allow the audience to be able to understand the depth and take a glance of the philosophical views of Estevez. Many of the pieces show us Estevez’s view of human life, interaction and the world around us. “The Secret of Life” shows us how humans are like trees. We take nutrients from the earth just like trees. The body of the man has roots to take the nutrients from the ground just like earth just like trees....
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Carlos Estevez - Margaret Rah 34135084 Carlos Estevez...

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