Burroughs - Margaret Rah 34135084 MW 5PM - 6:15PM "The...

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Margaret Rah 34135084 MW 5PM - 6:15PM “The Great Machine of the World” Charles Burroughs uses works of art, by Carlos Estevez, to explain his philosophical view on the world. He explains how some ideas can be explained through images and art. This new approach allows a new group of people to understand the world of philosophy. Philosophers have many different views of the world and the way it works. Burroughs goes into detail about his theory using Estevez’s pieces to help us visualize and relate to his idea of the world being a “great machine”. Burroughs spoke about the “axis mundi” and how it is a way to connect earth and heaven. He also spoke about how this is the idea of the “great machine of the world”. According to Burroughs, the world is a machine that has been rotating around this axis, which connects two different worlds, for years. It is a machine that allows us to gain access into heaven through this axis. He predicts that the massive structure will eventually collapse, in which case would destroy both heaven and earth. The world, like most machines, will have to come to an end. We will never know when until it actually happens, but by visualizing the world as a machine we can grasp the idea that the world, will one day, collapse just as any other machine would because it is
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Burroughs - Margaret Rah 34135084 MW 5PM - 6:15PM "The...

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