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HIS 4c study guide - A Utopian socialism came about in the...

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A. Utopian socialism came about in the 19 th century and favored equality in social and economic conditions and wished to replace private property and competition with collective ownership and cooperation. Robert Owen is an example of a utopian socialist who emphasized not just business but community since he built a factory system where workers worked fewer hours but were productive because they were well taken care of financially and medically. Marx agreed that private property caused competition but thought people were naturally selfish so utopian socialist ideas were impractical to him. Instead, he thought revolution would have to occur for social change to occur. Marx commented in the Communist Manifesto that utopian socialists wished to achieve their ends by peaceful means, and his call for “scientific socialism” meant that it was necessary outcome of class struggle. Marx argued that socio-economic change occurred through organized revolutionary action. Also the term utopian socialism was coined by Marx and Engels in the Communist Manifesto (1848). They never however, referred to themselves as utopians. We see the Englightenment and Industrial revolution have in fact had negative ramifications for the working class as well as Romantic notions of expressivism. Through technology humans have been alienated from creative work because they have reduced unskilled repetitive wage labor. However, this is not to say that they are against the Enlightenments completely as he utilized scientific methods for analyzing class struggles. Marx does not want to get rid of technology, just change how it is used in society. He saw humans becoming alienated under capitalism B. Def.
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HIS 4c study guide - A Utopian socialism came about in the...

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