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hw 06 answers final draft - Sociology: Written Assignment...

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Sociology: Written Assignment Name : Chapter 6 – The Mass Media (O 3) Date : 11/01/2009 Explain how the “functionalists view the media” as a means of our socialization, using four key viewpoints. 1. Agent of socialization. The media increase social cohesion by presenting a common, more or less standardized view of culture through mass communication.(textbook page 134) 2. Enforcer of social norms. The media often reaffirm proper behavior by showing what happens to people who act in ma way that violates societal expectations.(textbook page 135) 3. Conferral of status. The mass media confer status on people, organizations, and public issues. Whether it is an issue such as the homeless or a celebrity such as Cameron Diaz, they single out one from thousands of other similarly placed issues or people to become significant. 4. Promotion of consumption. Twenty-thousand commercials a year-that is the number the average child in the United States watches on television, according to the American academy of pediatrics. Describe how the media serves as a “dysfunction” of our society. Sociologists Paul Lazarsfeld and Robert Merton (1948) created the term narcotizing dysfunction to refer to the phenomenon in which the media provide such massive amounts of coverage that the
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hw 06 answers final draft - Sociology: Written Assignment...

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