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0. Sociology: Written Assignment Name: Chapter 7: Deviance and Social Control (O 4) Date: 11/08/2009 Describe the interactionist, functionalist, and conflict perspective of deviance? Include their “key sociological terms” used for each viewpoint in your responses. F – According to functionalist, deviance is a common part of human existence, with positive as well as negative consequences for social stability. (textbook 168) C – Conflict theory points out that people with power protect their own interests and define deviance to suit their own needs. (textbook 171) I – Interactionist perspective: the emphasis on everyday behavior that is the focus of the interactionist perspective offers two explanations of crime – cultural transmission and routine activities theory. State the significant points and their value of “Milgram’s study”. There are a few benefits to Milgram’s study. His study questioned a rather touchy topic and provided a live demonstration of how far a person will go when under the instruction of authority. In this case, almost 70% of participants obeyed to the XXX level of shocks, blindly following the instruction of the authority in the room. The study also showed when whether or not the authority figure commanded something questionable in morality with the potential to harm or endanger another person came in question. When complaints came from the other room, many of the participants began to hesitate and question the study. Participants began to question who would be held responsible for any side effects of risks/results from the study in order to ensure that they are free from blame. Then, describe the important aspects of this study from an “interactionist perspective.” From an interactionist perspective, one important aspect of Milgram’s findings is
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hw 07 answers final - 0 Sociology Written Assignment...

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