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Sociology: Written Assignment Name : Chapter 8: Date : Ever since people first began to speculate about the nature of human society, their attention has been drawn to the differences between individuals and groups within any society. The term Social inequality describes a condition in which members of a society have different amounts of Wealth , prestige , and power . When a system of social inequality is based on a hierarchy of groups, sociologists refer to it as “stratification,” a structured ranking of entire groups of people that perpetuates unequal economic rewards and power in a society. Describe the difference between “income” and “wealth.” - Income refers to salaries and wages. - Wealth is an inclusive term encompassing all a person’s material assets, including land, stocks, and other types of property. Marx examined social relations within capitalism . Define this term. It is an economic system in which the means of production are held largely in private hands and the main incentive for economic activity is the accumulation of profits. According to Marx, the working class must first develop class consciousness. Define . It is a subjective awareness of common vested interests and the need for collective political action to bring about social change. And, according to Marx, it is important to overcome
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hw 08 answers final final - Sociology: Written Assignment...

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