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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE abiword PUBLIC "-//ABISOURCE//DTD AWML 1.0 Strict//EN" ""> <abiword template="false" xmlns:fo="" xmlns:math="http://" xid-max="73" xmlns:dc="" fileformat="1.1" xmlns:svg="" xmlns:awml="" xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" version="2.6.8" xml:space="preserve" props="dom-dir:ltr; document-footnote- restart-section:0; document-endnote-type:numeric; document- endnote-place-enddoc:1; document-endnote-initial:1; lang:en-US; document-endnote-restart-section:0; document-footnote-restart- page:0; document-footnote-type:numeric; document-footnote- initial:1; document-endnote-place-endsection:0"> <!-- ================================================================ ======== --> <!-- This file is an AbiWord document. --> <!-- AbiWord is a free, Open Source word processor. --> <!-- More information about AbiWord is available at --> <!-- You should not edit this file by hand. --> <!-- ================================================================ ======== --> <metadata> <m key="dc.format">application/x-abiword</m> <m key="abiword.generator">AbiWord</m> <m key="">2008-08-20T18:38:00Z</m> <m key="abiword.date_last_changed">2008-08-20T18:38:00Z</m> <m key="dc.creator">mgeldridge</m> </metadata> <history version="9" edit-time="136558" last-saved="1260831745" uid="cbd5cbae-e7c6-11de-896d-d956825dd15a"> <version id="9" started="1260790059" uid="be8d81aa-e904-11de- 896d-d956825dd15a" auto="0" top-xid="57"/> </history> <styles> <s type="P" name="Normal" followedby="Normal" props="text- indent:0in; margin-top:0pt; margin-left:0pt; font-
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stretch:normal; line-height:1.1; text-align:left; bgcolor:transparent; lang:en-US; dom-dir:ltr; margin- bottom:10pt; font-weight:normal; text-decoration:none; font- variant:normal; color:000000; text-position:normal; font- size:11pt; margin-right:0pt; font-style:normal; widows:2; font- family:Calibri"/> <s type="P" name="List Paragraph" basedon="Normal" followedby="List Paragraph" props="font-family:Calibri; margin- left:0.5000in; font-size:11pt; dom-dir:ltr; margin-bottom:10pt; lang:en-US; line-height:1.1; text-align:left"/> <s type="P" name="Table Normal" followedby="Table Normal" props="font-family:Calibri; font-size:11pt; dom-dir:ltr; lang:en-US; orphans:0; text-align:left; widows:0"/> <s type="C" name="Reference" props="font-size:10pt"/> </styles> <lists> <l id="1000" parentid="0" type="0" start-value="1" list- delim="%L." list-decimal="."/> </lists> <pagesize pagetype="Letter" orientation="portrait" width="8.500000" height="11.000000" units="in" page- scale="1.000000"/> <section xid="4" props="page-margin-right:1.0625in; section- restart-value:1; page-margin-left:1.0000in; page-margin- header:0.5000in; section-space-after:0.0000in; dom-dir:ltr;
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This note was uploaded on 06/01/2010 for the course SOSC SOSC 100 taught by Professor Mark during the Spring '10 term at Neosho CC.

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sosc100-final exam-online-sp 08 (2) - &lt;?xml...

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