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sosc100-wa-c1- final draft - SOCIOLOGY: WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT...

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SOCIOLOGY: WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT Name __________________________ CHAPTER 1: Understanding Sociology (O 1) Date ___________________________ Define sociology . Sociology is the systematic study of the social behavior in human groups. Describe how sociology has anything to do with you and your life ? Sosiology would let me know what problems I have in my society, it would help me to look deep in the place I lived in and tell me why do I do this and why I consider that a taboo. Without sosiology I wont solve the problems I face in my culture. To understand social behavior , sociologists rely on using an unusual type of Creative thinking . The sociologist best known for this is C. Wright. Mills , and his thinking is described as the Sociological Imagination . Define this type of thinking further. According to what Schaefer said “It’s an awareness of the relationship between an individual and the wider society”. (R.T. Schaefer) Describe how one may develop the sociological imagination . When you see your society as someone from another society, you are developing a sociological imagination, because at that point you will be far away from being someone speaking from his personal opinion and experience. In other words, talk about your society and evaluate it as our not from the society Is sociology a science? YES (yes or no). Describe how this is or isn’t so. If you can test, observe, study cases, and come up with theories and solutions, that means it’s a science. Our theories and opinions come from common sense Explain how this happens and describe its origins. Getting our opinions from what we read, see, and experience make us go through our day and make judgments from our common sense. Every day we read something and apply it on issues happen to us later on as our common sense
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Define theory and describe its benefits. Theory is a set of statements that seeks to explain problems, actions, or behavior, , it can help us develop a broad and integrated view of the relationship between seemingly isolated phenomena as well as understand how one type of change in an environment leads to others Beginning in the ___ 19 _______ century, European theorists made pioneering contributions to the development of a science of human behavior . Early thinkers
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sosc100-wa-c1- final draft - SOCIOLOGY: WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT...

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