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sosc100-wa-c2 final draft - Sociology: Written Assignment...

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Sociology: Written Assignment Name: Chapter 2 – Sociological Research (O 1) Date: 11/01/2009 Unlike the typical citizen, the sociologist has a commitment to the use of the scientific method in studying society, which is a systematic , organized series of steps that ensures maximum objectivity and consistency in researching a problem. Although many of us will never actually conduct scientific research, it is important that we understand it because it plays a major role in the workings of our society . It requires precise preparation in developing useful research. Otherwise the research data collected may not prove accurate . Furthermore, during the research performed by the Adlers in Hawaii over an eight year period, they illustrated the enormous breadth of the field of sociology along with the tremendous freedom sociologists have to explore and open up new topics of inquiry. List and describe the 5 basic steps in the scientific method : 1. “Defining the problem; The first step in any research project is to state as clearly as possible what you hope to investigate” CH.2 2. “Reviewing the literature; researchers refine the problem under study, clarify possible techniques to be used in collecting data, and eliminate or reduce avoidable mistakes.” CH.2 3. “Formulating the hypothesis; a hypothesis is a speculative statement about the relationship between two or more factors known as variables.” CH. 2
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sosc100-wa-c2 final draft - Sociology: Written Assignment...

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