sosc100-wa-c3 final draft

sosc100-wa-c3 final draft - Sociology: Written Assignment...

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Sociology: Written Assignment Name : Chapter 3 – Culture (O 2) Date: Define and describe the general concept of culture . Culture is the totality of learned, socially transmitted customs, knowledge, material objects, and behavior” which is all values you get from you family and people around you, all believes, and all norms. Every society shares the same of all above and teaches it or transmits it to their families so that what keep a society alive and active. The fact that you share a similar culture with others helps to define the group or Society to which you belong. Members of the society learn this culture and transmit it from one generation to the next. They even preserve their distinctive culture through literature, art, video recordings, and other means of expression . Having a common culture also simplifies many day-to-day interactions . Language is a critical element of culture that sets humans apart from other species, which facilitates exchanges with others. Despite their differences, all societies have developed certain common practices and beliefs , which are known as cultural universals , and which are in fact, adoption to meet essential human needs. State some of these cultural universals 1- Athletic sports 2- Cocking 3- Funeral ceremonies 4- Medicine 5- Sexual restrictions New ideas or objects are introduced to a culture by the process of Innovation , and exists in two forms. Name and describe
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sosc100-wa-c3 final draft - Sociology: Written Assignment...

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