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SOSC100-WA-C9 Final - Sociology Written Assignment Chapters...

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Sociology: Written Assignment Name: Chapters 9 – Global Inequality (O 5) Date: In some parts of the world, the people who have dedicated their lives to fighting starvation refer to what they call “ coping mechanisms ” – ways in which the desperately poor attempt to control their Hunger . For example, in Mozambique, people call grass hoppers “ flying shrimp ” in other countries people eat Dirt to add minerals to their diet; and where mothers in other places mothers boil Stones in water to convince their children they will have supper and help them fall asleep. Around the world b Inequality is a significant determinant of human behavior, opening doors of Opportunity for some, but not others. In looking at the stratification in the world system, the divide between industrial and developing nations is Sharp and the contrasts are Stark . Describe the “three forces” responsible for the domination of the world marketplace by a few nations. - Legacy of colonialism, helped countries to stay strong enough To dominant the world marketplace, because it’s one of two: either you colonized countries so you have power, or you have BEEN colonized by another country and you still repairing “the damage”. -
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SOSC100-WA-C9 Final - Sociology Written Assignment Chapters...

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