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sosc100-wa-c10 Final - Sociology Written Assignment Name...

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Sociology: Written Assignment Name: (O 5) Date : Describe the sociological differences between “prejudice” and “discrimination.” To know the difference, let’s state the meaning of each to clarify: Discrimination: THE DENIAL of opportunities and equal right to individuals because of a prejudice or other arbitrary reasons. Prejudice: A negative attitude against a group of people according to their ethnicity. From these definitions, we can’t get a lot of differences because as seen Prejudice led to Discrimination. But the difference that I think about is that Prejudice is about having an opinion while Discrimination is a set of actions against a group of people or individuals because of certain reasons. Also, prejudice people may have a view about someone but they don’t discriminate him because it’s more to an opinion more than an action. Describe how “institutional discrimination” is more powerful than “individual discrimination.” “Institutional Discrimination” comes from the operations of the society for example; “SEGREGATION” in South Africa that people couldn’t stop it from 1960s till 1993.Even the country was only 30% white, but this small group was the dominant in the country o they set an institutional discrimination against Africans in their country. “Individual Discrimination” doesn’t effect as the institutional because it’s personal issue more than a role from a government. Describe how functionalists, conflict, and interactionist theorists examine institutional discrimination.
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sosc100-wa-c10 Final - Sociology Written Assignment Name...

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