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Sociology: Written Assignment Name: Date: “Gender roles” are defined as expectations regarding the proper behavior , attitude , and activities of males and females. We socially construct our behavior so that male-female differences are either creating or exaggerate . Even though most gender roles have their restrictions, the Women’s gender role has traditionally been most severely restricted. Compare the “contrasting characteristics” of the male gender role to those of the female role. Male – It’s all about being a man, men never stayed home, men never babysit at home, men don’t be chickens to their women. Also, men power the culture, they control community, while women are in need of them. Female – it’s all about saying ok about the live they live, they want to be at home, take care of kids, get all what it need to make the home the best place for her and her spouse. Also it’s about being married and mothers and this is what they are afraid of themselves, they are afraid of being mothers because they love to be mothers or they have to love to be moms. Describe the “functionalist perspective on sex differentiation.” Functionalists think that gender differentiation has contributed overall social. Talcott Parsons and Robert Bales argued that to function most effectively, a family should have adults to specialize in particular. Also, they contended that women would take the expressive role while the men would take the Instrumentality role. Instrumentality role focuses on more distant goals and external. Expressive role concerns for the maintenance of harmony and internal emotions. Describe the “conflict perspective on sex differentiation.” Conflicts say that the relationship between men and women has been traditionally one of unequal power, with men dominating women. Men may become this way because of their
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SOSC100-WA-C11fainal - Sociology: Written Assignment...

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