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SOCIOLOGY: WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT (O 6) Name: Date: Despite the differences, “the family” is a Universal and it is found in every culture. State the “sociological definition of a family.” A family is a set of people related by blood, marriage or some other agreed-upon relationship, or adoption, who share the primary responsibility for reproduction and caring for members of a society. The more accurately described form of “monogamy in the U.S.” is called Serial monogamy . Define this term. Serial Monogamy means that a person can have more than a spouse in his/her lifetime, but only one spouse at a time. Societies vary in the way that Power within the family is distributed. Name the “three authority patterns” and describe them by “who rules.” Which one is “most prevalent” and which one seems to becoming “more experienced” in time and describe the manner in which this is being done. - Patriarchy: it’s a pattern where the man have the grater responsibility in the family, like Iran, women are treated with all respect, but they refer to their men in order to do anything, in other words, men take more decisions than women. Divorce is done by men more than women but that doesn’t mean a woman can’t get divorced. - Matriarchy, it means that women have greater part and power than men; it’s more common in Native American societies or in societies that men disappear for long time and leave women to rule the family. This pattern is not common if fact between societies. -
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sosc100-wa-c12 fainal - SOCIOLOGY: WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT (O 6)...

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