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sosc100-wa-c15 final - SOCIOLOGY: WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT (O 7)...

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SOCIOLOGY: WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT (O 7) Name : CHAPTER 15 – Populations, Communities, and Health Date: The study of population issues engages the attention of both natural & social scientists. In their study of population issues, sociologists are aware that various elements of population, such as fertility morality , and migration are profoundly affected by the Norms , Values , and social patterns of society. Describe what influences fertility. There are to issues that influences fertility in a society. the first one is the age of people when they enter into a sexual relationship, some people enter very early so they push up the possibility of rate of birth while other practice sex late so they pull the rate down. also, Using contraception would influence the rate of fertility. In other words, some people believe in controlling the birth "more in educated and improved nations because of the education" while other my not believe in birth control "more common in poor and backwards countries where no education or good health programs". Describe what shapes mortality. morality is shaped by nation's level of nutrition, acceptance of immunization, and provisions for sanitation, also health care and health education. again we are talking about to types of nations, a wealthy well educated one with strong health care program like USA or Canada, and the other type is the poor low educated nations with weak health program. in my opinion, "it's the responsibility of the first kind I stated above to help the 2nd kind of nation regarding these problems and issues because poor countries are very busy looking for something to eat rather than solving other problems. Define demography. Demography can be defined as the scientific study of population. it's concern about the size of population, putting charts explaining the growth of populations. Describe “the components, forecasting, structure, and transition aspects” of demography. Demographers study the geographical variations and historical trends to develop population forecasts, also they analyze the structure of a population like age, gender, race, and ethnicity o it's members. Describe the “one fact” Neo-Malthusians agree with Malthus-type thinking. Neo-Malthusians agreed with malthus regarding the fact that population growth is outstretching the world's natural sources. which malthus described that there will be a grate gap between population growth and source of food. He described it as growth of population (1,2,4,8,.
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sosc100-wa-c15 final - SOCIOLOGY: WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT (O 7)...

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