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SOCIOLOGY: WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT (O 7) Name: CHAPTER 16 – Globalization, Environment, & Social Change Date: Define “social movements” according to sociologists. Organized collective activities to bring bring about resist fundamental change in an existing group society. Describe “the impact” of social movements on history. In United States, social movements have had a clear change to the nation, all issues happened back the days like civil rights workers, suffragists, abolitionists, and the activities opposed to the war on Vietnam. all these social movements have changed the nation. Also, many social movements in Eastern Europe to improve societies and to topple communist regimes in a largely peaceful manner especially in nations that many observers had thought were "immune" to such a social change. Describe what is meant by “relative deprivation.” relative deprivation is defined as the conscious feeling of a negative discrepancy between legitimate expectations and present actualities. things are not as good as you hoped they would be. for example, like a state my be characterized by scarcity rather than a complete lack necessities. Explain how you feel people might need to be deprived in order to act upon social change. First people need to believe that they have the right to their goals, like when they think they deserve better than what they have, exactly when Africans struggled during the European colonization and they start changing by looking to have a political and economic independence. Also, the disadvantaged groups must perceive that its goals cannot be attained through
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