Experiment #01 Analysis of a Silver Alloy

Experiment #01 Analysis of a Silver Alloy - 0.003044 mol 2...

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Experiment 1 Analysis of Silver in an Alloy Data: Constants: Mass of Dried Crucible 31.63 g AW Ag 107.9 g/mol Mass of Ag Alloy 0.3285 g MW AgCl 143.35 g/mol Mass of Dried Crucible + AgCl 32.02 g MW NaCl 58.44 g/mol Calculations: Moles of Ag if 100% Pure 0.003044 mol Moles of NaCl needed
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Unformatted text preview: 0.003044 mol 2 times moles of NaCl 0.006089 mol Mass of NaCl needed 0.3558 g Mass of AgCl Recovered 0.39 g Moles of AgCl 0 mol Moles of Ag 0 mol Mass of Ag Recovered 0.2960 g Percent of Ag in Alloy 90.12%...
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