Basic Chemistry (Chapters 1-16)

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CHEMISTRY 2002 NAME Periodic Table Coloring Activity DATE PERIOD Text Reference: Chapter 14  A. Classification of the Elements By Color : Double-check that you have correctly identified each group of elements BEFORE you begin coloring. Be sure to color lightly so that the symbols still show through. 1. Color the alkali metals purple. 2. Color the alkaline earth metals blue. 3. Color the transition metals pink. 4. Color the inner transition metals green. 5. Color the metalloids orange. 6. Color the halogens brown. 7. Leave the noble gases white. 8. Color all other nonmetals yellow. 9. Color all other metals red. 10. Label each group of the representative elements with its correct number (1A through 7A, plus 0.) B. Periodic Trends : Place vertical and horizontal arrows around your periodic table. Each arrow should be
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Unformatted text preview: labeled with one of the labels from the list below. Remember that NOT EVERY ELEMENT follows the trends exactly; you are looking for the overall trend across each period or down each group. Again, double-check before drawing each arrow! 11. Increasing ionization energy (horizontal). 12. Increasing ionization energy (vertical). 13. Increasing atomic size (horizontal). 14. Increasing atomic size (vertical). 15. Increasing electronegativity (horizontal). 16. Increasing electronegativity (vertical). C. Optional Extra Credit : Complete “Periodically Puzzling” (separate page). Warning : You may have to refer to a book or web site on the periodic table of elements....
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