Basic Chemistry (Chapters 1-16)

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CHEMISTRY 2001 NAME PROBLEM SET #12: Solid/Liquid Phase Changes DATE PERIOD READ SECTIONS 10.1-10.3! 1. In an experiment, a 100-gram sample of water at 80 º C is mixed with ice (at 0 º C). Enough ice is used to cool the water to 0 º C. The ice and water are placed in an insulated container so that all the energy is given up by the water to melt ice at 0 º C. There are 200 grams (mL) of liquid water at the end of the experiment. a) According to this data , what mass of ice is melted? b) According to this data , how much energy is given up by the 100 grams (mL) of water as it is cooled from 80 º C to 0 º C? [Remember >>>1 calorie/(g º C)] c) According to this data , how much energy is required to melt one gram of ice? d) Explain why the temperature of the water decreased during the experiment. BACKGROUND: In Lab #11 you measured the energy involved in the melting process for water. The results
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Unformatted text preview: expected for the experiment #11 were as follows: H 2 O ( s ) + 80 cal/g ---------> H 2 O ( l ) The energy absorbed during the melting process is used to separate the molecules of the solid and NOT to raise the temperature. 2. A metal spoon, initially at 25 º C, is placed in an insulated cup containing water and crushed ice. After the system has come to thermal equilibrium, there is still some ice remaining . a) What is the equilibrium temperature of the metal spoon? EXPLAIN! b) What happened to the energy given off by the metal spoon? c) If 5.0 grams of ice were melted, how much energy was given up by the spoon? 3. What amount of ice must be added to cool 250 grams (mL) of water from 25 º C to 0 º C and have NO ice remain?...
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PS12.MeltingFreezing - expected for the experiment#11 were...

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