Basic Chemistry (Chapters 1-16)

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CHEMISTRY 2001 NAME PROBLEM SET #10: Gas Law Problems II DATE PERIOD Background: o C and 760 mmHg. At STP, 1.00 moles of any gas occupies 22.4 Liters. When used in a problem, the proper unit label would be 22.4 L/mol. At 25 o C (room temp) and 760 mmHg, use 24.4 liters/mole. 1. Why is it necessary to compare volumes of gas only at the same temperature and pressure? 2. Calculate the volume, in liters, of 3.00 moles of nitrogen gas.
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Unformatted text preview: a) At STP. b) At 25 o C and standard pressure. 3. How many moles of propane gas will be present in a 10.5-liter cylinder at STP? 4. How many grams of helium gas are present in a 2.50-liter cylinder at 25 o C and 760 mmHg? NOTE: USE X 10? 5. What volume of Cl 2 gas at STP could be obtained from 58.4 liters of HCl at STP, if the following reaction takes place? (HINT: CONVERT TO MOLES) HCl + O 2-------> H 2 O + Cl 2 (Not Balanced)...
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