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Paxton 1 S. Camille Paxton Ms. Weber ENC 1101 1 October 2009 Annotated Bibliographies “Children During the Holocaust.” United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. 4 May 2009. Web. 21 September 2009. The article “Children During the Holocaust,” displayed by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, tells the readers about the mass killing of young children, Jewish and non- Jewish, during the Holocaust. The murdering of children was justified by the ideological views of the Germans. The German soldiers killed more than one million innocent children during this period. If the children were not immediately killed, they ended up in ghettos. Here they would struggle to survive against starvation or disease. Despite the fact that most young children died, many found a way to survive and escape. Some even made it to the Kindertransport, which was an effort to rescue the remaining children. The author makes it a point to show both sides of the killing spree of young children during the time of the Holocaust. He explains that while many children were sacrificed, many also found a way to survive during hard times. The article also includes different movements such as the Kindertransport and cultural groups including the Gypsy and Jewish death totals to prove that his report is factual. Because the article is very thorough with the research provided it leaves the reader no room to confuse ideas or statements. The writer also includes the example of Anne Frank to relate the information to a commonly known example of the fight for survival among young children.
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Paxton 2 Cox, Amy. “D-day Sets the Stage”. Web. 28 September 2009. D-day took place in 1944 and was the largest amphibious invasion in history. Operation
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annotated bibliography - Paxton 1 S Camille Paxton Ms Weber...

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