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No thank you - Camille Paxton No thank you I am getting...

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Camille Paxton No thank you, I am getting really tired of all these countries expecting us, the United States, to help them out when they can’t even take care of their own civilians. Do not get me wrong, It is perfectly fine to send the occasional food package and/or survival kit to a country who just suffered from a tragedy. For example, Haiti, I get that they just had a major earthquake that affected one third or maybe more of their entire population but there is no reason for us bring the other Haitians or even keep the remaining ones here in the United States. No Thank you, I do not want our country to become poor or even further in debt because the Haitians will just use up our resources, food, shelter, clothing, and even more important jobs. Our country is in enough of an economic struggle and the job shortage becoming greater is not going to help us become the strongest country in the world. No thank you, I would like other countries to learn
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