project 2 - Paxton 1 Camille Paxton Ms. Weber ENC 1101 29...

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Paxton 1 Camille Paxton Ms. Weber ENC 1101 29 October 2009 Jeans, a Lifestyle or Clothing Item? Jeans are a basic item of clothing that Americans wear almost every day, which has never changed. However the advertisement for Levi jeans has. The Levi Strauss Company uses their product, jeans, to sell a lifestyle appealing to the majority. The lifestyle is sold when a buyer purchases the jeans. In the 80's the jean commercials were innocent and portrayed the fun life. In that time period people danced around, listened to popular music, and just had the standard mischievous teen life. Guys and girls were in a large group where they couldn't do anything to provocative towards each other. With different ideas of a desired lifestyle, these older commercials the current ones show a single boy and a single girl out by the water together. They start talking about the "first time" which creates a certain thought in the viewers mind as it is meant to. They both start removing their pants and finally it ends by them jumping off a pier into the water. The company closes with the statement saying "Live Unbuttoned". The two commercials sell very different experiences and neither truly focuses on the jeans themselves. The first commercial is selling the experience of a public gathering and the second commercial an experience of jumping off a pier with a romantic interest. The Levi Strauss Company is now one of the world's most popular brand-name apparel manufacturers. They gave the world blue jeans and gained millions of supporters through this
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project 2 - Paxton 1 Camille Paxton Ms. Weber ENC 1101 29...

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