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Camille Paxton ENC 1101 Final reflection essay First day of the semester, 8 o clock arrives. Great, here comes another boring English class where I struggle to get by and create essays that a fifth grader could write. But no, you changed my view on how fun English can be to learn. Throughout your essay assignments and the remediation project, I learned that English is not only about grammar and punctuation. English has a connection to history and the way that we communicate to each other. The way that you, Ms. Weber, taught was like we were equals not little kids. You were more current with history and the issues of today’s society than some of the teacher who have worked here for several years. The fact that you showed us clips from You Tube to express how to do something was so much more beneficial that simply showing us a boring power point slide. You had the best connection to our methods of communicating. The feedback was awesome. I have never received so much information on how to correct my paper or my project to make it more effective. You
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