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anthropology notes - Brachiation- arm to arm on vine...

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Primate Traits Brain: large size relative to body Vision: predominant sense; stereoscopic and eyes are face forward Face: relatively flat profile; variation in nocturnal prosimians who depend on sense of smell Hands and feet: grasping ability Limbs: flexible Reproduction: one offspring at a time: extended period of dependency Behavior: live in social groups Lecture Notes Going Ape: the primates Taxonomy Primate traits Prosimians New world monkeys Old world monkeys Hominoids Hominids Humans Chimp Bonoboos Kingdom animalia Animalia Animalia Phylum Chordata Chordate Chordate Class Mamalia Mamalia Mamalia Order Primates Primates Primates Family Hominidae Pongidae Pongidae Genus Homo Pan Pan Species Sapiens Troglodytes Paniscus
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Cladistics (genetics)- common anscestry Linnaean taxonomy- looks and behavior Key terms: Arboreal vs. terrestrial Diurnal vs. nocturnal
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Unformatted text preview: Brachiation- arm to arm on vine Knuckle- walking Prehensile tail- hang from trees Opposable thumbs If it doesnt have a tail then its not a monkey, its an ape Prosimians- before apes: (tarsier, lemers) aborial, prehensile tail, brachiation New world monkey: (howler, spider monkey) some brachiate, aborial, some prehensile tail Old world monkey: (baboons) terrestrial No tail not a monkey!!! Gibbons- only ape to brachiate, mate for life (lesser apes) Orangutans- ape- mostly terrestrial Chimps- apes Gorillas- mostly terrestrial Common chimpanzees (pantroglodytes) Bonobos (pain paniscus) other kind of chimp- walk on 2 legs Very peaceful- all kinds of sex- release tension Male/male Female/female Male/female Older/juvenille...
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anthropology notes - Brachiation- arm to arm on vine...

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