Meet The Flintstones

Meet The Flintstones - Neanderthals (800,000/ 30,000-...

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Meet The Flintstones Homo ergaster Homo erectus Archaic homo sapiens, including Neanderthals AMH’s Hominid tool kits Out of Africa hypothesis Homo floresiensis Homo ergaster (1-1.5 mya) (early homo0 Turkana boy- (9-11 years old about 5’6’’ found in africa Homo erectus: 1 st species to be found outside of Africa 1.6 mya- 300,000 Found throughout Africa, middle east; asia; Indonesia; and maybe parts of Europe but not deff. Hunters and make tools Archaic homosapiens (Neanderthals) Most characteristics look human like but there is something weird
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Unformatted text preview: Neanderthals (800,000/ 30,000- 36,000 bp) Buried their dead Low forehead, large arching brow Mousterian tool kit- different shaped tools shaping faces instead of core. Different tools for different jobs; about 14 different kinds of tools Anatomically Modern Humans (AMHs) (300,000/130,000) CW- magnum- head speech; cave paintings. Made newer tools; blades; venus figurines Homo florenslensis- little dwarf Occipital bun...
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Meet The Flintstones - Neanderthals (800,000/ 30,000-...

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