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review exam 2 - arching brows) • Gender identity is how...

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Homo habilis- handiman Bipedalism- adaptation to living in an area with both terrestrial and arboreal settings Human hips is broad and short (female being wider opening) and chimp has a longer thinner hip Australopithecus- lucy Relative dating- stratigraphy Absolute dating- radiocarbon dating and potassium argon dating Flake and flake scar Humans are living primates Apes: chimpanzees, orangutans, gorilla, silver back male, gibbons, bonobos Old world monkeys: baboons New world monkeys: wrapping tail Prosimians: Lemurs, Lorises, Aye Ayes, Indris, Bushbabies, and Tarsiers Primate traits= forward facing eyes, larger brain, rotating forearms, grasping hands and feet homo ergaster- turkana boy
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Archaic homo sapiens- neanderhtals (projecting face, lack of chin,low forhead, large
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Unformatted text preview: arching brows) • Gender identity is how you feel you are (feel like a girl but is a boy= trans woman and vice versa) • Woman= lacking brow ridges, jaw close angle wider, muscle lines slight, protruding forehead, no occipital pertrusian • White comes from caucuses • Cline= gradual change of a feature or trait in a species over a geographic area • You can have many ethnic groups with in a given nationality • Anything other than white was considered not white • Race is a social category not a biological one • You cant use nationality to determine race • Linneaus= americanus, asiaticus, africanus, europeanus • Blumenbach= Mongolian, Malayan, negroid, Americans, Europeans • 17 and 18 th century= origin of racial categories...
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review exam 2 - arching brows) • Gender identity is how...

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