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ethics-moral list - 4. Dont change who you are for the...

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Camille Paxton Morally Obligatory (must do) 1. Educate yourself as to reach your full potential 2. Fulfill your dreams 3. Accomplish your goals 4. Be healthy 5. Maintain happiness and express your feelings 6. Have manners 7. Be honest 8. Be loyal 9. Speak with respect and intelligence 10. Preserve a good reputation 11. Follow the major laws 12. Don’t steal or cheat 13. Gain friendships and healthy relationships 14. Treat others the way you would like to be treated 15. Earn your own money 16. Have a set religion 17. “ Carpe Diem” 18. Be honest with yourself and others 19. Become independent 20. Be strong and courageous
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Morally Impermissible (morally wrong) 1. Don’t degrade others 2. Do not lie 3. Don’t put others thoughts before your feelings
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Dont change who you are for the liking of others 5. No murder 6. Do not have an addiction 7. No blackmail 8. Do not quit on yourself 9. Do not try to control or influence others 10. Do not let others predict your future 11. Do not borrow without the intent to return 12. Dont live off of others assets 13. Dont put things off 14. Dont be lonely 15. Dont abandon dreams or friends 16. Dont run away from your problems 17. Dont take away from others accomplishments or happiness 18. Dont let your friends or family do something you know is bad for them. .if you can help it 19. Dont fail things intentionally 20. Dont waste resources...
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ethics-moral list - 4. Dont change who you are for the...

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