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For the exam - Our book presents this theory with two moral...

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For the exam: Know the difference between ethical relativism and cultural relativism Consistency/Coherence: (are there problems with the moral principles following the moral standard of the theory) pass Principal of Forfeiture – not a problem because whenever we use this principle it is because they are acting irrational, therefore when they act immorally they are not acting so much as a human. They are acting subhuman. Its ok to disrespect animals and also subhumans
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Unformatted text preview: Our book presents this theory with two moral standards. (only supposed to have one) however this is ok because we made one from the two…. Universilization principle and moral education principle Book says there are problems with both consistency and coherence Justification: justifies/ convinces other people of the theory and the morality of it This theory guarantees that we will have the respect and dignity from others...
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