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discussion post one - When I moved to Tampa in the tenth...

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Unformatted text preview: When I moved to Tampa in the tenth grade, I met many new people and made several new friends. It was great. Tampa is the best place I have ever lived, compared to Georgia and Virginia, and I knew that the people were going to make it that much better. I met two girls who would become my two best friends. Their names were Alisha and Jessica. They had known each other for a while and they met playing basketball. These two girls introduced me to their families and their friends and let me go with them everywhere. They showed me basically their whole lives and made me feel comfortable in my new habitat. However, everything was not perfect. Because there were three of us it made things that much harder to do together. There would always be two tickets to go see a game or a show or two seats in the car to go out to a party for that weekend. We had many arguments about who should go and who should do what. This was a major polemic in our friendship between the three of us. Then when Jessica decided do what....
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