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paper 3 final draft - Paxton 1 Camille Paxton Ms Weber ENC...

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Paxton 1 Camille Paxton Ms. Weber ENC 1102 22 April 2010 USF Dining Changes: The Beginning to Solving the Obesity Crisis in America The University of South Florida requires all first year and upper level residents to purchase a meal plan. However, the dining options provided by the university are unhealthy and saturated with fat. Students are offered endless swipes to eat at the three dining halls with the meal plan. Not only that but residents have Bull Bucks that can be used at the restaurants located on campus. However, the choices provided are very limited and unhealthy. The restaurants on campus include: Beef O’Bradys, Chick Fil A, Sbarro, Moe’s, and Burger King. Most students enjoy these places, but the menus for the restaurants are loaded with fried foods, grease, and carbohydrates. In the dining halls there are a few more options, but they are all loaded with carbohydrates as well. Even though there are different stations to satisfy food requests, it seems that everyday there is pasta, most of the time Alfredo sauce, a choice of hamburger or fried chicken sandwich, potatoes, French fries, and pizza. We all know that the United States is known for having one of the unhealthiest and most overweight populations yet we still allow this food to be served not only at the University of South Florida campus but other colleges and schools throughout the country. In 1999, it was shown that the average American eats 142 lbs of potatoes each year. Nearly thirty one percent of the total vegetable consumption per capita was potatoes. In order for the younger generations to live a longer, healthier life American citizens may choose to help in the effort to solve the obesity crisis.
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Paxton 2 The University of South Florida has made it a requirement to purchase a meal plan if you live on campus and all first year students at the school must live on campus. Therefore, the
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paper 3 final draft - Paxton 1 Camille Paxton Ms Weber ENC...

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