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false advertisment

false advertisment - Camille Paxton Figure 1 Intro to Psych...

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Figure 1 Camille Paxton Intro to Psych Science Misleading Advertisement Paper 19 February 2010 Smoking is Fun This commercial is advertising the benefits to smoking Lucky Strike Cigarettes. It was created in the 1960’s. It displays a woman, the same featured in the printed advertisements such as figure 1, in a very old fashioned outfit. She holds the box of cigarettes in the end of the minute long commercial saying “smoke now and smoke often”. The cigarette company used diversion techniques and contrasting ideas to gain the support of the consumer. Throughout the commercial the company used an upbeat tune to make the product seem like something that brings joy or excitement to life. They also have about 15 seconds of cigarettes dancing around holding hands to again support their idea that you will gain friends.
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However what you do not notice when you are watching the commercial is the fact that they include the line “Yeah the doctor’s say tobaccos bad; it makes your heart fail. And it makes your
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