Social Psych Notes - Ch 3-6

Social Psych Notes - Ch 3-6 - Social Psych Notes - Ch 3-6;...

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Unformatted text preview: Social Psych Notes - Ch 3-6; Midterm 2 Material Social cognition = study of how information about people is processed and stored People motivated to perceive world accurately and view themselves positively To predict what's going to happen Schema = mental representation of objects/categories which contain basic features of obejcts/categories as well as assumptions about how objects/categories work Concept Help you categorize objects so they have meaning and allow for predictability Can be incorrect Priming = process by which the activation of a schema increases the likelihood that the schema will again be activated in the future Once a schema is primed, it influences the way we interpret new information/situations E.g. "folk" --> egg yolk instead of egg white Categorization = recognize and classify/identify; group or classify according to some social characterization; helps us sort and simplify social reality/world Easier to deal with Sort by age, sex, body type, etc. Schemas that we have thoughts about Categorization affects schemas Stereotypes = beliefs which associate a whole group of people with certain traits Generalization about a group of people in which identical characteristics are assigned to all members of a group regardless of individual variation Have a prejudice/discriminate cognitively Involve overly simplistic thinking In-group/out-group bias In-group = group to which you belong Out-group = group to which you don't belong...
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Social Psych Notes - Ch 3-6 - Social Psych Notes - Ch 3-6;...

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