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ch 1and2.. - EXAM #3 Kerry's research area is in work...

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EXAM #3 Kerry’s research area is in work equity so when studying for the final it would be a safe bet that he is going to like those areas more, and put more questions on the test about this beginning material than the groups or leadership sections. MOTIVATION 1. What are the 5 needs in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? (Know what each need is & be able to recognize what need is being satisfied in a given situation) (a) Physiological -- need for food, water, air, shelter, procreational sex, and clothing (bottom of pyramid) (b) Safety -- need for security, stability, and freedom from fear or threat (health insurance) (c) Social -- need for friendship, affection, acceptance, and interaction with others (office parties) (d) Esteem -- need for personal feelings of achievement, self-esteem, recognition and respect from peers (rewards) (e) Self-Actualization -- a feeling of self-fulfillment or the realization of one’s potential ; maximum personal motivation, the need for growth and development, be all that you can be! Can you move beyond self- actualization? no Money could satisfy all needs 2. According to Maslow Hierarchy of Needs, what motivates your behavior? - The lowest unsatisfied need in the hierarchy (physiological, if it is met, then it is safety) 3. What does Maslow believe about satisfied needs? - “Lower” needs would have to be satisfied before the next “higher” need could motivate behavior - Once they are satisfied they no longer motivational, you move up and move on - How many needs at a time can motivate you? one at a time 4. If a need is frustrated, what will the employee experience, according to Maslow? Can the employee still be motivated if his/her needs are frustrated? - The state of “stuckedness”, being stuck - You can’t go up or down - The employee can no longer be motivated (productivity, etc. will all suffer) 5. What needs are typically unsatisfied in most organizations? Why is this the case? What would help satisfy these needs? - Esteem and self actualization - because most jobs are specialized - Enriched or craft would help satisfy these needs • € Good health insurance- Safety •€€ Apple wine and cheese party- Social •€€ Banquet recognize performance with award- Esteem •€€ Money- Can satisfy all of your needs
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6. What need is the highest level of personal motivation? How many people reach this level? Is it ever fully satisfied or fulfilled? -Self-actualization (being all that you can be, maximizing potential) -Very few do. Never fully satisfied. Reach it only temporarily. 7. What is a peak experience? -Peak experience: the best you can be at that moment in time; “in the zone” - Momentary self actualization - at that one moment in time you are the best you can be 8. What does the research say about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? -We’ve only been able to identify 2 or 3 needs instead of the five
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ch 1and2.. - EXAM #3 Kerry's research area is in work...

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