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ch 1and2 - Chapter 1 Management and Managers What do...

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5/20/10 Chapter 1: Management and Managers What do managers do? Environment in what managers manage Managers manage in organizations o Managers manage things o Leaders manage people Organization – a structural arrangement of people brought together to accomplish a goal o Ex. Lsu, this class o Classify work into component parts o Assign tasks to different people o All work towards a common goal Common goal is accomplished through use of the hierarchy Through a hierarchy an organization is good at completing repetitive tasks where the value and the price of the product or service are known Management (hierarchy) is very useful at facilitating commerce o Commerce - business All organizations goals and objectives are different o Provide order and stability in society Businesses have a o Goal o Purpose o Structure If structure is not found it is referred to as a market o Ex. EBay o Bidding for goods and services 1
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o No pricing o Inefficient overall Not all organizations are the same How do we determine an organizations performance? o Efficiency – productivity o Effectiveness – ability to reach goals Process of management - Guiding people towards the attainment of goals and objectives o Principles, concepts, theories, refers to the people that work within o Goals – long term, greater than a year, strategic Where I want to be Goals need to be broadly written o Objective - is short term, less than a year, very specific Carries out the long term strategies How am I going to accomplish my goal?
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