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HIT2308:Software Development Practices (Semester 2 , 2009) Faculty of ICT, Swinburne University of Technology Tutorial 6 in Week 7 Dr. Burns is a lecturer at Springfield University, where she teaches Introduction to Programming. She dreads setting assignments each semester because of the painful process involved in collecting, marking and returning assignments. (a) Students submit a printed copy of their assignment along with code on a CD. This then has to be processed by administration (i.e. date stamped) and marked off against a list of students enrolled in the subject. After this the assignments are sent to Dr. Burns’ office for assessment. (b) Dr. Burns has to mark each assignment, by placing the CD in her computer. Since she runs Windows, each time she places the submission into her computer she runs the risk of infecting her computer with a virus. (c) Before marking the assignments, Dr. Burns prints out a copy of the marking scheme and writes down her comments for each item on the marking scheme. The mark is added up (manually) and the final mark written down on the marking sheet. (d) Once all of the marking is complete, Dr. Burns enters the marks into a special spreadsheet, which is imported into a central database run by the University.
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Microsoft Word - w7-Tutorial-6 (1) - HIT2308:Software...

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