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Scenarios for discussion week 4

Scenarios for discussion week 4 - HIT2308:Software...

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HIT2308:Software Development Practices (Semester 2, 2009) Faculty of ICT, Swinburne University of Technology Tutorial 3 in Week 4 Scenarios for discussion Suggest ideas for resolution of the problem(s). Assume that there are four people in each team. 1. A team meeting is deadlocked over two alternative design options. The 2 members who proposed the options are arguing their case for their option without compromise. What processes could members agree on to clarify the choices and resolve the situation? 2. One member has heavy commitments outside uni, and is having problems coming to tutorials and team meetings. However, the other members are unaware of the problem, and feel the 1 st member is unreliable and not completing tasks properly. How could the team draw out the issues and improve the situation? 3. One member is terrified about giving an oral presentation, even front of the team, and is worried that the others will think he will give a poor performance in class and decrease the team mark. How could this student bring this up at a
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