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HIT2308: Software Development Practices (Semester 2, 2009) FICT, Swinburne University of Technology Page 1 of 1 Tutorial 1 in Week 2 Task 1. How well did you understand? 1. Why has the "Waterfall" model been criticized as being unrepresentative of the activities which really go on during the software process? 2. What is the difference between exploratory programming and throwaway prototyping? 3. Give examples of when it would be appropriate to use at least two of the models discussed in lectures. 4. What is Rational Unified Process? Draw a diagram of the RUP. Can you follow it? Is it different to Agile Unified Process? In what way? Task 2. You have done several programming units at university and they had programming assignments. 1. Write down the process you followed when tackling one of these. 2. Swap your process description with someone else in the tutorial.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Could you follow the process you have been given? Discuss with the originator. Task 3. You are assigned to manage a team to organize a graduation party for international students. What steps will you take to ensure the success of the party? Consider the following before drafting your plan. Can you draw a model based on your plan? ± Goals (expressed in a measurable way) ± Role, responsibility, knowledge and skills ± Organization structure ± Communication and reporting channels ± Work and progress evaluation ± Risk prediction and handling as well as exception handling ± Resources ± Constraints Task 4. Regarding to Task 3, do you need any software to support this organization? If yes, what type of software it is? Think about what makes this software system work and function....
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