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HIT2308: Software Development Practices (Semester 2, 2009) Faculty of ICT, Swinburne University of Technology Page 1 of 1 Tutorial 2 in Week 3 Task 1 Analyse the following scenarios. Can you classify the information inside the scenario into "problem domain" and "solution domain"? Which scenario is sufficiently clear for you to develop the software solution? Which terms are vague and will need clarification? Scenario 1. Mr. Simpson wants to build an online shop creation system that allows traders to setup an online shop and sell various items. This system will be cool, fast and very usable. Traders can set it up all by themselves and add items for sale. It will provide really nifty reports with lots of graphs. It will blow away the competition and people will look at it in awe. Scenario 2. Mrs. N uses an accounting system to process Accounts receivable. She feels that the system is slow, difficult to use and provides way too many features. The reports are counter-intuitive and difficult to read. She wants a system that just does the main
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