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HIT2308:Software Development Practices (Semester 2 , 2009) Faculty of ICT, Swinburne University of Technology Tutorial 5 in Week 6 Task 1. Draw a domain model for the following case study. “Springfield University offers a number of courses. A course contains a number of units. Students enroll and elect a set of units every semester. Students are allowed to enrol in a maximum of 5 units in any given semester. They can only be enrolled into a single course at any given point in time. However over a student’s lifetime, they may undertake a number of different courses. Each unit has a set fee that is set at the start of the semester. This fee is to be paid up-front in full by the students once enrolled. Some units have pre-requisite unit requirements. Some units have co-requisite unit requirements. To be enrolled in some courses,
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Unformatted text preview: you must have completed a certain course (e.g. to enrol into a P/G course, you must have a U/G degree). Task 2. Using the case study from Task 1: a. Describe one scenario. b. Based on your first scenario, find alteratives and extensions. c. Use your scenarios as a basis for a UseCase. Give a detailed description of the UseCase. Include the name, primary actor, goal, pre-condition and success guarantee as well as the main success scenario and extensions. d. Pair up with another student and identify other UseCases. e. Draw a UseCase Diagram for the case study. (class exercise) f. Use <<include>> and <<extend>> to restructure the use cases defined, and modify your UseCase diagram. (class exercise)...
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