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w9-Tutorial 8 - breakdown of the average mark per section...

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HIT2308 – Software Development Practices Tutorial Swinburne University of Technology 1 Tutorial 8 in week 9 Task 1 Consider the Automatic Submission System described in tutorial 6 again. SCENARIO Dr Burns has to write a review of her unit “Introduction to Programming” at the end of semester. As a part of this review, she has to discuss which parts of the unit need to be improved for next semester. To do this she wants a report by assignment with a
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Unformatted text preview: breakdown of the average mark per section so she can see which areas were badly done by the students. She also needs to know whether this is dependent on the course in which the student is enrolled. She has always had to collate the statistics herself using a spreadsheet but she wants the Assignment Submission System to do it for her. Develop each of the following. Use Case: Sequence Diagram: Class Diagram: Wire-frame:...
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