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Essay I - Humanities - Essay I Draft IV Ashay Mehta...

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Essay I – Draft IV Ashay Mehta Humanities 101-H05 Mr. Burt Kimmelman Observations of Today’s Society Often in society, how one person views a person, place or event is quite unlike how another person views that same thing. Each individual’s mind thinks differently and therefore interprets that thing in a way different from that of someone else. Yet, today, people in society tend to observe people of certain races and automatically put a label on the individuals. Putting a label on an individual without ever knowing how the person thinks or feels is stereotyping. Now, you may think, how is stereotyping a form of observation? Well, think about it. There are people who automatically think that a person with brown skin is a terrorist. Of course, this is not true. But this type of labeling occurs nonetheless. We also see that the mind works in the same way in the world of art. I know you have seen a work of art and gotten some kind of meaning from that work. But not everyone sees the same message in any given painting. Each and every painting has its own message yet we cannot simply say that the painting only has one meaning. Every day critics look at a certain painting and see it in many different ways, some far from what the artist’s intentions may have been originally. Isn’t it extraordinary how our mind functions? Racial prejudice still presides over this great land and has been rekindled greatly
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Essay I - Humanities - Essay I Draft IV Ashay Mehta...

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