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Henri - Ashay Mehta Honors History 213 Prof Saltzman th 20...

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Ashay Mehta Honors History 213 Prof. Saltzman 20 th Century Art Essay The Best of Fauvism When one mentions color as a method to express thoughts and opinions in paintings, one can’t help but correlate these techniques as fauvism. When thinking of fauvism, the most notable name of the 20 th century, would be Henri Matisse. Born on December 31 st , 1869, this French artist made his name famous by concentrating on mirroring the colors in his environment. After his death on November 3 rd , 1954, “The Master of Color”, one of his most famous, seemed to have lived through the toughest of times and the harshest of rivalries between nations. From impressionism to abstraction, Matisse had a variety of painting styles with only one primary thing in common; color. Fauvist painters were known for their use of color to make their paintings expressive. Matisse was such a master at his craft that one of the most renowned painters of the 20 th century, Picasso, considered Matisse his only rival. Through the years Matisse
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