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JROTC - Essay IV - Ashay Mehta Humanities 101 Essay IV...

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Ashay Mehta Humanities 101 Essay IV – Draft I Prof. Kimmelman JROTC or Recruiting Tool? Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, better known as JROTC, has been a controversial topic of discussion in school boards ever since its establishment in 1916 by the government. The biggest question being asked is whether the program is an extra- curricular course or a recruiting tool for the military. While many people, most being parents, believe that JROTC is how the government brainwashes students to join the military, JROTC is an alternative to gangs and teaches many valuable character traits and life lessons. As times in the United States are getting tougher and more soldiers are getting sent overseas, people are afraid that the government, through JROTC, is trying to persuade the young generation to join the armed forces. Though JROTC does introduce military lifestyles and teachings to students, it does not expect anyone to join the military. Although both sides of the debate have valid points but JROTC is not and has never been a means of recruiting for the government. There are over thirty-six hundred schools in the nation with JROTC programs with about five-hundred thousand participants (Arnoldy, Ben & Gordon Lubold). These programs encourage teenagers to become active in the nation but not by convincing them that joining the military is the only way to do that. Essentially, junior ROTC teaches students disciplined and informed citizens. The students are introduced to the armed forces world but are told both sides of the military world. Most recruiters tell you about all the perks of joining the Marines or the Air Force but they let you figure out the
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negatives for yourself. In JROTC, one is told specifically that the military is not for
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JROTC - Essay IV - Ashay Mehta Humanities 101 Essay IV...

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