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MGMT PPT - "Interviews Dos and Don'ts" By Kasuni...

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Unformatted text preview: "Interviews: Dos and Don'ts" By: Kasuni Navinna Mario Beshai Satyam Patel Raj Darji Abdul Wahab Zafar Ashay Mehta So why you sitting here, are you looking for a job? Well, I don't think you'll get one when you looking like a slob. Your style is the worst. Man, you look like a curse. No tie, no shirt. Employers won't let you work. Pleasseeee....you need a plan. You gotta change man. Yo, did you just wake up? Because you look that way I think you need a few coffee cups. Coming for a job, you need to come shaved. Or shape it up or your job won't be saved. What's this? You have a piercing on your face?!? Not gonna work with holes in this place And your hair needs to be clean and neat. Keep it like a rat's nest, we throw you to the street. Yoooo, You gotta change man Eww! YUCK!!! What's that smell? It smells disgusting like rotten egg shells. Man, did you shower today? Even if you didn't, at least use some body spray. And if you eat before you come Have a Listerine strip, at least chew some gum. If its your pits or your breath, it really doesn't mean much. You gotta smell nice if you want the boss to keep in touch. Yoooooo, you gotta change man. First impressions are all you got here. If you're not professional, you won't have a career. Work on your speech son, it doesn't sound cool. Use "Ums and Uhs" and you'll look like a fool. Don't get nervous and don't hesitate. Say what you gotta say...short, sweet and straight. The way you carry yourself defines who you are. So just be yourself and show the boss you're a star. Yooooooo, you gotta change man. In the end, you needed serious aid. If we hadn't seen you, you woulda never stayed. For a job, everythings accounted for. A great resume's not enough...they need more. Gotta look like you're ready to work, not like a mess. Shave, shower, smell nice, dress to impress And work on your speech, no filler words please. Follow this advice and your interview's a breeze. Yooooooooo, you gotta change man I get it now. No wonder I was never hired. I smelled bad and never had the right attire. I'll buy new clothes like I walked out Express New cologne, new shoes...but I digress. Thank you, thank you for showing me the way To finding a job and now I don't have to pray. Yessir yessir. I've finally got a plan. Yooooooooooo, I'm gonna change man. Seriously, I'm gonna change. "How to Prepare for an Interview" Appearance Dress professionally Gentlemen: Shave or shape-up the facial hair Ladies: Tame the hair and don't dump on make-up Overall, be clean and neat Speech Speak with clarity Avoid filler words (Um, Uh, Like, etc) Be confident in what you say Avoid repeating yourself General Tips Do your homework Prepare answers for what may be asked Prepare questions you plan to ask Keep eye contact throughout the interview More General Tips Make your resume stand out Be calm, cool and collected Have a positive attitude Try to relate to the interviewer ...
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