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MGMT Skit - Satyam Oh he’s probably here for the new...

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Skit (Ashay walks in to lobby and takes a seat) (Kasuni, the secretary, walks in to see Ashay) Kasuni: Hello! How may I help you? Ashay: Hey, I’m here to interview. (nonchalantly) Kasuni: Oh, we have DO have an opening for the janitorial staff. Hang tight. We’ll be with you shortly. Ashay: Wait, no, no. Um, I’m actually here for the Public Relations job. (Kasuni looks him up and down) Kasuni: Really? Ohhhhh okay. Alright then. (sarcastically, about to laugh) (Raj, Mario, Satyam & Abdul walk in engaging in small talk) Raj: Who’s this guy? Mario: Why does he look like that?
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Unformatted text preview: Satyam: Oh, he’s probably here for the new janitor position Abdul: True. This place needs to be cleaned anyways. Ashay: NOOOOO!!! (Everyone looks at new guy) Ashay: My bad for yelling. I’m here for the PR job. Everyone: WHAT?!? Mario: Wait, so you wanna work with the likes of us? (sarcastically) (Everyone laughs) (FREEZE) (Satyam comes to the front and goes into the beat) (Everyone comes out of freeze and just bumps to the beat.) (after rap, Ashay goes to Kasuni) Ashay: Can I please reschedule the interview for next week?...
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