Philosophy Paper 1

Philosophy Paper 1 - RUID: 122003991 A robot, built...

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RUID: 122003991 A robot, built entirely out of ‘robot parts’, which is able to parallel at least some mental states, events, and processes to those of the human brain, poses a problem for U.T Place’s argument that consciousness is in fact a brain process. Place’s argument revolves around the fact that although one’s mental state is not described in terms of a particular brain process, its composition is in fact identical with the composition of some brain process. However, who is to say that in the composition of this robot does there include any figure that is similar to the human brain? One could easily argue that this set of robot parts includes software where a mental state is completely defined by a sensory input, a behavioral output, and any prerequisite knowledge that one may need in order to procure the right emotion. Therefore, it would be false to say that the composition of the robots mental state replicates the composition of a given ‘brain process’ Place distinguishes the difference between the ‘is’ of definition and the ‘is’ of composition, arguing that those who use the ‘is’ of definition while making a correlation between mental states and brain processes are false. Instead, one must use the ‘is’ of composition, where two separate statements separated by the word ‘is’ may not in fact always be true, but have the possibility of being true. Therefore, when stating that ‘consciousness is a brain process’ , Place understands that consciousness is not always
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Philosophy Paper 1 - RUID: 122003991 A robot, built...

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