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reactions - SOCl2/pyridine Unsaturated chain reactions...

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Reaction Name Reactant Reagent/Solution CHAPTER 22 Glycoside Formation Glucose Methanol/Acid Hydrolysis of Glycoside Glycoside Acid Benzyl Ether Formation Glycoside BnBr/NaH/DMF/heat Benzyl Ether Cleavage Glycoside with Bn subs Hydrogen/Pd Repeated Methylation Glycoside OH/excess dimethyl sulfate Ether Formation Glycoside TBDPS TBDPS Ether Cleavage Glycoside with TBDPS Bu4 N+F- Ester Formation Glucose Pyridine/ 0 Celcius Cyclic Acetal Formation Glucose Acetone Aldonic Acid Formation Aldose Br2/H20 Aldaric Acid Formation Aldose HNO3 Alditol Formation Aldose Periodic Acid Degradation HIO4 Ozasone Formation Aldose PhNHNH2 Kiliani-Fischer Synthesis Lower degree Aldose HCN/Ba(OH)2/Acid/Na-Hg Ruff Degradation Higher degree Aldose Br2/Hydrogen Peroxide CHAPTER 23 Hydrolysis of Fat Fat OH/heat/Acid Saponification of Triacylglyerides Triacylglceride 3 NaOH + H20 Fatty Acid Reactions Fatty Acid LAH/Et2O/Water Fatty Acid Methanol/ Acid Fatty Acid
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Unformatted text preview: SOCl2/pyridine Unsaturated chain reactions Unsaturated Fatty acid H2/ Nickel Unsaturated Fatty acid Br/CCl4 Unsaturated Fatty acid OsO4/NaHSO3 Unsaturated Fatty acid HBr CHAPTER 24 Synthesis of Amino Acids Potassium Pthalimide NaOH/HCl/Halide Aldehyde NH3/HCN/Acid/heat alpha-halo acid NH3 excess NaBH4 or Hydrogen/Pt Product Glycoside Glucose Glycoside with Bn subs Glycoside Pentamethyl derivative Glycoside with TBDPS Glycoside Ester with OCCH3 Cyclic Acetal Aldonic Acid Aldaric Acid Alditol Carbonyl Compounds Phenylosazone Higher degree Aldose Lower degree Aldose Glycerol + 3 Fatty acids Glycerol + 3 soap carboxylates Long chain alcohol Methyl Ester Long chain acyl chlroide Saturated fatty acid Saturated with Br's Saturated with OH's Saturated with H and Br each C Amino Acid Amino Acid Amino Acid...
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